Prove. Earn. Share.

Verified AthleteTM offers athletes the platform to prove their skills, earn their rank and share their verified measurables with friends, fans, athletes and recruiters.

Professional Evaluations

Using evaluations from trusted evaluators at schools, clubs, camps and training facilities all over the country, Verified AthleteTM gives athletes the chance to create their profile and work their way up the ranks in every level of sport.


  1. What is VA?

    Verified Athlete is a mobile application for athletes, fans and coaches to build and search for verified user profiles, allowing users to communicate with other users across the platform. Athletes, evaluators, coaches and other verified users can exchange and share audio, video, photos, and data; they can also track and analyze data and results.

  2. What are some of the apps core features?

    Verified AthleteTM features information on athletes including their profiles and statistics, matching and connecting virtual communities of athletes with the ability to share pics, videos, profile data and more.

  3. What does VA do?

    Provides a platform for the testing, analysis, and evaluation of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of others to the order and specification of all camps.